About Us

We are a constellation of people from different walks of life, united by our desire to serve people on their journey of healing, self growth and understanding. Through our own practices of plant medicine ceremonies, visions quests, sitting in meditation or selfless service to others, we have found ourselves coming more and more to our hearts, a place where we can understand, forgive, heal, love and share.

It is from this place of embodied growth, of compassion and love that we invite you to join us on a magical journey within your self. Coração Medicina means heart medicine in Portuguese, and we pray that journeying with us will bring you closer to your heart, too.

Working with psilocybin mushrooms in the ceremonial space we hope to provide a tool for exploring the inner world. In this world lies a myriad of secrets to uncover: treasures of inspiration and wonders you may never have suspected, shadows from undigested emotions that rise again, demanding to be resolved, keys to unlock visions of a different world, of a different vision of your self.

We view the mushrooms as a sacred medicine given to us by nature, as wise and old teachers, showing us the way to lead a more harmonious, fulfilling life, an side of consciousness that we should have a fundamental right to explore. This medicine deserves our utmost respect and we strive to serve those seeking to encounter it to the best of our abilities, always from our hearts.

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