Meet our Team

We are a constellation of people from different walks of life, united by our desire to serve people on their journey of healing, self growth and understanding. Each retreat is made special by the team of dedicated humans who are bringing our vision into life, and we always try our best to create the right balance of skills, experience and personalities on our retreats by bringing together trusted friends and colleagues.
Each retreat has a balance of male and female team members, as well as one staff specialising in therapy and integration. We also collaborate with artists and musicians, meditators and movement practicionners, kitchen wizards and witches, and all sorts of angels and humans on a path of service and transformation, united by our common experience with magic mushrooms and our desire to serve this medicine professionally, ethically, and with a lot of love !
While some of our team members prefer to remain anonymous online, we present here some of the key faces behind our project.


Cecile is a free and curious spirit who has been fascinated by altered states of consciousness all her life.
Certain that there must be more to the world than meets the eye, she began to explore psychedelics on a quest for self discovery that goes on until today, combining academic study, travelling to indigenous territories where these medicines grow and working with reputable institutions and skilled mentors.
Over a decade of personal exploration with mushrooms and Ayahuasca gradually taught her to leave the realm of the mind and enter that of the heart, to go from seeking transcendance to embodying loving presence, and to live a life of service and community. Plant medicine has helped Cecile to come to terms with a rare genetic condition she was born with, to recover from depression and anxiety and to cultivate a passion for life and for fulfilling relationships with others. It is from this embodied place of self-healing that she holds space for others.
Cecile holds a Bsc in Neuroscence from King’s College London and a Masters in Public Health from Charite Medical University in Berlin, and is currently starting a Phd Project researching the integration of plant medicine into an indigenous mental health clinic in Mexico. Her experience spans 10 years of psychedelic activism, practice and research, collaborating with established institutions, indigenous practicionners and at the community level.
From receiving her foundational training in psilocybin therapy in the Netherlands with Truffles Therapy in 2019, to 5 years of research work with the Takiwasi center, an ayahuasca addiction treatment clinic in Peru, and to an ongoing mentorship relationship with the Nierika Intercultural Medicine center in Mexico and to volunteering in psychedelic emergency care in festivals with Kosmicare, Cecile has a thirst for knowledge and is perpetually learning to improve her practice and support the causes she believes in. She has also published research on Ayahuasca and Amazonian medicine and teaches about psychedelic therapy in Charité University on the Alcohol and Substance Use disorder programme.
She coordinates the group and private retreat programmes in Coração Medicina with her experience spanning caring for people in hundreds of mushroom journeys over the last four years.
Cecile has sat in many dozens of ceremonies, went on self led vision quests and maintains a regular meditation practice. She strives to embody the qualities and values that the medicines has brought to her life: responsability, reciprocity, compassion and harmony with the natural world.
A firm believer in giving access to heartfelt, professional and affordable psychedelic experiences to those who may benefit from them, she founded Coração Medicina with a vision of service, love, and connection.


Pedro is all about helping you have what you want, and that’s why he is devoting his life to contemplating our human nature and how do we stop getting in our own way.

He traveled the world for a few years after completing a masters in architecture and urbanism, and spent months at a time in meditation centers studying the nature of his own mind and of our collective experience. After teaching meditation and offering a deeper look at the human experience to school teachers, psychologists and therapists, Pedro started mentoring professionally. In his therapeutic work, Pedro draws on his extensive personal experience with various somatic healing modalities such as contact dance, breathwork, bioenergetic release or intentional diet.

He knows that you don’t need any special trick, hack, or spiritual juggling to get from where you are to where you want to be. In fact these are often just distracting you from really knowing yourself and what you want. With grounded presence and heartfelt support, Pedro holds space for the process of reconciliation with self, drawing on diverse models of emotional integration such as Internal Family System or the Completion Process, as well as somatic approaches to trauma healing.

Pedro specialises in coaching people over 6 months to a year, providing guidance and support for individuals to navigate life with openness, relaxation and purpose, asking the simple question “What is your inner truth telling you?”. Pedro has been working as lead therapist with Coracao Medicina since our first retreat was born and has extensive experience in holding space during psychedelic journeys both in private and group setting. He is also available to offer integration counselling after the retreats for those who want to transform the healing potential of their mushroom ceremony into day to day awareness.


Andrea is an international multi-instrumentalist and published scientist with a dedication to the arts and academics. Her work involves the integration between motion and sound, alternative education for all ages in health and music, and the execution of community based arts and healing.
The Berlin-based artist is a recipient of several scholarships and grants in music including Aktion Mensch, Kulturelle Bildung, and Global Health Disrupted. Her extensive international experiences with marginalised communities in Tanzania, Nepal, the Amazon, and the Andes have made her an expert in utilising community music as a tool to facilitate communication and inclusion.
Andrea currently works internationally as a freelance musician and is passionate in utilising her skills to primarily collaborate with circus, dance, theatre, and ceremonial ritual.
As a musician and scientist, Andrea is committed to empowering individuals by including and integrating special needs populations in and outside of schools and in performative settings. Her interest in movement and music has led her to explore a variety of digital technologies around sound and integrating motion into the overall creation of the soundscape.
Andrea continues to lead music and health based workshops at renown universities such as Charite, works closely together with companies such as Remo, and is the music and health project officer for the NGO “Global Health Disrupted”.
With extensive personal experience with plant medicines and her multi-instrumentalist skills, Andie elegantly crafts soundscapes and atmospheres that guide, support, soothe and activate the process of participants, with sensitivity and care. She also also holds some of the mindfulness workshops with a focus on Yoga Nidra and somatic and voice activation.
A generous and playful spirit, she brings extra attention and care to the participants and team.


Ibi is a vegan chef and festival carpenter who is passionate about health, adventure, and serving others. She strongly believes that taking care of one’s body is essential to achieving inner peace and happiness.

Through sister circles, Ibi discovered the transformative power of psychedelic mushrooms. She has had the privilege of serving on medicine retreats and finds it to be a truly humbling and fulfilling experience. Ibi feels honored to assist others on their own transformative journeys.

As a vegan chef, she specializes in creating delicious and healthy meals that nourish the body and soul. She uses fresh, whole ingredients to prepare dishes that are both nutritious and satisfying. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast, a colorful salad, or a comforting bowl of soup, Ibi believes that food is medicine.

When not in the kitchen, Ibi loves to explore the world with an open heart and mind. Whether it’s hiking through mountains, traveling to new destinations, or building festival structures, she always finds ways to seek out new experiences and challenge herself.

Her passion for serving others is a significant part of her life. Ibi finds joy in making a positive impact in the world, whether it’s by sharing the healing power of plant medicine or simply cooking a delicious meal for a friend. She believes that small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

Ultimately, Ibi believes that making meaningful connections with others and contributing to a better world is what matters most. She is grateful for the opportunity to share her passions and skills with those around her and is excited to see where her journey takes ther next.


Ellie has been working with psilocybin on her own healing journey as well as serving at retreats and ceremonies for the past 4 years. Mushrooms have helped her to see humanity and nature are not separate, and that not only are mushrooms a medicine, but a technological tool which can be used to evolve harmoniously with ourselves and the Earth. Although mushrooms don’t fix all of our problems or answer our bigger questions, they can definitely restore a belief in magic and faith that there is much more to what meets the eye. Ellie will be there for you along the way as you make this discovery- it truly is beautiful beyond belief.

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