Meet our Team


Cecile Holds a Bsc in Neuroscience from King’s College London and a Masters in Public Health from Charité Medical University Berlin. She is also a massage therapist specialising in Thai Yoga massage .
Fascinated by altered states of consciousness all her life and certain that there must be more to life than meets the eye, she began to explore psychedelics on a quest for self discovery that goes on until today. Over a decade of personal exploration with mushrooms and Ayahuasca gradually taught her to leave the realm of the mind and enter that of the heart, to go from seeking transcendance to embodying loving presence, to stop dreaming and start creating. Plant medicine has helped Cecile to come to terms with a rare genetic condition she was born with, to recover from depression and anxiety and to cultivate a passion for life and for fulfilling relationships with others. It is from this embodied place of self-healing that she holds space for others.
Her experience ranges from psychedelic harm reduction crews in festivals to an addiction treatment center rehabilitating patients with Ayahuasca in Peru. She sat in ceremonies and went on self led vision quests, and she recently took part in organising legal magic truffles retreat in the Netherlands with Truffles Therapy. She has also published research on Ayahuasca and Amazonian medicine and teaches about psychedelic therapy in Charité University on the Alcohol and Substance Use disorder programme.
A firm believer in giving access to heartfelt, professional and affordable psychedelic experiences to those who may benefit from them, she founded Coração Medicina with a vision of service, love, and connection.


Coming from a business management background Sam has recently launched her own food and catering venture, Sam Serves. Inspired by plant based foods and with a basic understanding of aryuveda, she cooks mindfully and intentionally. Her passion is to serve at holistic, transformative and healing events. She has dedicated her life to being in service to the world. Sam is currently based in Amsterdam where she is expanding her catering business and offers private and customised psychedelic ceremonies to those who wish to experience the magic of mushrooms. Always having been drawn to the mystical and the spiritual, it didn’t take too long before plant medicine found their way to her. She will be there to nurture the space, nourish the soul and provide loving and compassionate support. She has full faith in the mushrooms and feels honoured to be part of the work.


Pedro is all about helping you have what you want, and that’s why he is devoting his life to contemplating our human nature and how do we stop getting in our own way.

He traveled the world for a few years after completing a masters in architecture and urbanism, and spent months at a time in meditation centers studying the nature of his own mind and of our collective experience. After teaching meditation and offering a deeper look at the human experience to school teachers, psychologists and therapists, Pedro started mentoring professionally.

He knows that you don’t need any special trick, hack, or spiritual jugglery to get from where you are to where you want to be. In fact these are often just distracting you from really knowing yourself and what you want.

When your inner truth informs your behaviour you’re set to have a specially tailored life – the best life for you, and to not blow yourself up on the way.

Pedro is experienced in supporting you before, during, and after your psychedelic journey.

And when you have him standing in your corner, he will help you to navigate life with openness, relaxation and purpose.

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