“In November 2020, I asked Cecile for guidance in a private retreat since I was struggling with certain pieces within myself in life. Since my dad tried to kill himself one year and a half ago, and still struggling big time with it, I wanted to dive deeper in it. Yet, not alone, because it felt a bit scary to dive into it all by myself. So Cecile and I worked together for three days and two nights. The first night we started making our own food, ate it together around the fire and shared our stories. We discussed about the ceremony the day after and went to bed. The day after we started preparing for the ceremony. Me, with sitting on my own and sinking into myself. Cecile with preparing the space, blessing it with all the love she carries inside her. Blessing me, blessing her, blessing all. It was beautiful. I felt held and safe l. Ready for whatever to come up and to give space to it so it could find it’s place in my life, I felt ready to take in the mushrooms. With a good guidance from Cecile for the dose that most likely would be good for me, I felt the confidence to have myself guided into my own feeling. As this was my first individual ceremony, I wanted to take in enough mushrooms so I could be able to go deeper into certain subjects of my life who made it hard to move on. As the mushrooms started to work, I felt that I wanted loads of physical things immediately. I got the advice to first feel myself and take some time to let the mushroom do its work. So I did. And it felt good. As I could feel myself and allow everything to come up whatever wanted to come up from emotions, grief, feelings, while feeling held and safe with someone as Cecile was a wonderful experience. On the exact right moments, Cecile sang a song, touched my feet while singing, looked at me in a raw, pure and loving way. Really, on the exact right moments where in I felt I bumped into something, not knowing what to do with it or what to feel with it. She could help me to take the thinking about it away so I could step more easily into my feeling to experience it more in my body, in my whole being, allowing me to see truth and to feel a universal connection. Stepping into a feeling that all is one and one is all. Clear as glass about certain things in life. What I learned most about this trip, was that I have to start leading my own life, detached from other people’s thinking patterns or way of living. That I, and only I have the power and control over my own actions and emotions. And mostly, how I deal with them now and how I can deal with them differently in the future. In another way that is more self uplifting and exploring, more clarifying and exiting. So thank you very much Cecile, for the work you do. To anyone who ever reads this, if you are on a search for one to help you, to guide you trough certain struggles or pains in life, ask Cecile for her guidance. She does a great job, in the most gentle loving way you could ever experience. Cecile’s a source of inspiration and knowledge. A keeper of this earth. Lots of love, E.”

“J’ai découvert Cécile par une communication sur un réseau social au sujet d’une future retraite psychédélique.
Elle se présentait ainsi que le cadre de la thérapie.
Le message tombait bien , car depuis quelque temps je cherchais à refaire une expérience psychédélique mais cette fois encadrée afin de travailler sur moi.
Je m’intéressais aux travaux sur les psychédéliques et leurs impacts sur l’esprit.
Je l’ai donc contacté. Elle a pris le temps au téléphone de tout m’ expliquer.
 J’ai apprécié son approche rassurante, son expertise, sa double culture en médecine allopathique et chamanique, sa douceur…
Bref je me suis lancé et nous avons pris date pour une future retraite.
Le temps venu nous nous sommes retrouvés une dizaine de participants, avec Cécile et son équipe de trip sitters.
La semaine fut magique , nous avons fait deux cérémonies, sous la présence bienveillante de l’équipe.Ils veillent à notre sécurité , sont présents en cas de besoin, attentifs et même si le travail se fait seul, c’est bon de savoir qu’on est pas seul dans ce grand voyage.
Chaque séance était suivie le lendemain de partages entre chacuns.
Cécile travaille avec un très grand respect ces plantes, avec passion et amour, générosité, et bienveillance. Une  expérience très enrichissante que je recommande hautement.

G. Entrepreneur parisien.

I had the honor and pleasure to meet Cecile twice. The first time for a massage. This meeting gave me a glimpse into her beautiful soul, giving me the courage to have a trip with her by my side. It is only in hindsight that I could know how blessed and lucky I was to have her as my guide. Her presence enable me to let go and have a beautiful experience. Cecile is gentle, loving and caring. I was confident that she would care for me, no matter what. She provided the safe space I needed for my journey.”

M., 49 year old female entrepreneur coach from Amsterdam

“From long time ago I wanted to have a experience with a high dose of psychedelic mushrooms. But I was always a little concerned about creating the right set up and finding the right company to make it a success. My intention for this experience was to align myself more with the love of the universe being able to say goodbye to past traumas and open myself more to the abundance of life. I met Cecile by coincidence and when she told me that she could help me in this experience I felt that she was the right person. Because I could trust her and her intentions were clear and honest. The day of the experience I was a bit nervous, but she showed in my place at the arranged time and she took the lead at all times to create the perfect scenario for the experience. Cecile took care of all details, such us bringing flowers, incense, decoration, and many more. I could relax and let her guide me. The experience itself was very profound and full of insights. I totally feel the protective energy of Cecile by my side, so I could let myself go deep in it not worrying about anything. Also very important for me personally was to do not feel judged when in the middle of the journey and Cecile totally offered me that kind of support. At the end of it we took the time to get back to reality at my own path without rushing. The impact of the experience is something I will treasure with me my whole life. So I am very grateful to have crossed paths with Cecile and wholeheartedly I recommend her to everybody interested in experimenting deeply and with purpose with the ancient medicines.”

G. H., 35 year old business executive from Amsterdam

“Cecile is a very special soul and certainly has a calling for work with plant medicine. She sat on a magic truffles journey for me and my friends in Amsterdam and I couldn’t imagine a better guide. Along with flowers, music, and pillows, she brought amazing energy into the space. Thanks to her loving care I felt safe to go deep within into the more uncomfortable parts of my psyche. She instinctively knew what to do and when to help and when to simply hold my hand and let me go through the process. After the journey, she stayed and nurtured us with amazing food, tea, talks, and her warm presence. It was a truly magical day. I’m so happy Cecile is out in the world spreading her gift – I only wish it was closer to me so I could see her again soon.”

S., 30 year old writer from Amsterdam

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