Upcoming retreats

Residential Stay in Nierika Center, Mexico

Some of our team member are gathering knowledge and experience by serving in the Nierika Center for Intercultural Medicine in Mexico, in the mountains near Mexico city, between January and April 2023.
The center spans two decades of experience as the premier institution for therapeutic work with plant medicine in Central America and specialises in residential treatments of patient with a history of mental health challenges including addiction, anxiety and depression. The founders are extensively trained in various psychotherapeutic modalities as well as indigenous cosmology and medicine, with a focus on Amazonian Medicine and Lakota rituals. Unlike the space we provide in our retreat, this center is particularly adapted to receive patients in residential treatment for complex or deep rooted mental health challenges such as addiction, severe depression or PTSD. They also host self development retreats for laypeople wishing to work with plant medicines for self knowledge and personal growth.
If you would like to know more, you can contact the Nierika center direcly, or ask us any questions you have through our contact form.

Spring retreat: May 2023 (Details TBA)

We are coming back to the Algarve for a sunny retreat in May ! We love to work in this retreat center and hope you’ll like it too. Come and join us for a week in the quiet hills, without phone signal and with a lot of love and medicine ! This retreat has a maximum capacity of 10 people and a team of 5 experienced spaceholders to guide and care for you.


What is included ?

  • 7 days of shared or private accommodation in a cosy retreat center away from light pollution, with lakes to swim in and a big piece of land to hold you and the group.
  • Delicious, home-cooked vegan meals served twice a day by our friend, chef and facilitator Ibi.
  • Optional excursion to a beautiful nearby beach on day 2 !
  • Plenty of personal attention from our team of 5 facilitators during your introductory microdosing session with psilocybin mushrooms to prepare for the journeys
  • Support from our experienced facilitators during your 2 full dose psilocybin mushroom journey
  • Live music during the second ceremony from our sensitive and talented musician team member
  • Daily mindfulness activities (meditation, movement, breath and voicework…) and sharing circles to help you ground and develop self awareness, practices that are helpful beyond the work with psilocybin mushrooms
  • Online and phonecall support to prepare and integrate the mushroom journeys before and after the retreat

    Legal disclaimer: We do not offer psilocybin mushrooms during this retreat, we simply provide support during your experience if you decide to ingest your own psilocybin mushrooms.

780 euros for shared accommodation
1100 euros for private accommodation

Do you want to join us ?
Get in touch with us for more detailed information, preparation support and to make a booking !

Send us an email at coracaomedicina@protonmail.com, or use our contact form here.

Private retreat/Tailor-made group retreat

We also offer private retreats and one on one sessions for those who wish to experience intentional, supported psilocybin mushroom journeys privately or with a small group ( a partner or a family member for example). If you wish to have a retreat specially organised for you or for a small group, get in touch here.

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