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Welcome to our retreat page, where you will find details and dates of our upcoming retreats. Whether you are spiritually curious and looking to explore mushrooms as a tool for discovering your inner world and growing into a better version of yourself, or you are looking for a place to heal from trauma and mental health challenges, we open a safe space with guidance from an experienced team to hold you as you journey within. Our group retreat are designed to be a safe and integrative container to meet the mushroom in optimal conditions.
Read on to learn more about our programmes !

Nature Quest retreat – 12- 18th of July 2023

Psilocybin mushrooms open a gateway for connection with spirit and with the natural forces that surround us. The indigenous groups that have been working with these medicines since generations acknowledge and give space to the natural world in their approach to medicine work, opening spaces for prayer and offerings by taking time for contemplation in nature for a given amount of time with limited food, drinks and social contact, a practice known as vision quest.
We are planning to open a retreat based on this approach, for experienced medicine journeyers and people ready to challenge themselves and to go back to the roots. This will be facilitated by an experienced team and will take place on a beautiful piece of land by a river in the mountains of the Serra da Estrela in central Portugal.

What to expect ?
– Be welcomed and held on a secluded piece of land by a pristine river on an off grid project that has held many years of prayer work.
– Camping accomodation during your stay, with loads of extra pillows and blankets to make it cosy and warm !
– Delicious vegetarian buffets twice a day on non questing days, with menus designed to support your entry and exit into the questing process, with local organic homegrown veggies and herbs.
– Support during 2 group mushroom ceremonies led with reverence, care and intention, to dive into the deeper parts of ourselves and awaken our ancient memory, reconnecting with the land.
– 3 days of near fasting (vegetable broth and water) in silence and contemplation, an indigenous practice known as vision quest, to strenghen our bond with nature, our spiritual guidance and our sense of direction in life.
– A small group of 5 brave fellow questers, making this experience very unique and personal
– Support from an experienced team before, throughout and after your stay with us.

Price: 800 euros

If you would like to register your interest, please reach out to us by email at coracaomedicina@protonmail.com, or through the contact form here.

Summer Creative retreat: 1- 7th of August 2023

While our main line of work lays in opening therapeutic retreats for those who wish to experience psilocybin mushrooms in a safe context for healing and growth, we also believe in the tremendous potential of these medicine to promote creativity, playfulness and connection to movement and music.

We are collaborating with experienced artists, musicians, dancers and spaceholders in order to create something truly special: A creative retreat where introspective mushroom ceremonies coexist with a rich programme of daily voicework, musical exploration and movement practices. A space to go beyond our limiting beliefs that we are not good enough to express ourselves through art, a space to connect with our bodies in movement, a place to create beauty, individually and collectively.

This retreat will take place in a beautiful natural location in the Serra da Estrela region of Portugal, with gorgeous mountain views and nearby rivers to swim in, a region full of history and a land full of old stones, chestnut trees, andpure mountains streams. Come and join us on this special offering !

What to expect ?
– A week long immersion into a curated programme of daily vocal and somatic creative practices, led by expert professional facilitators, taking us on a journey of reconnection to our creative nature.
– Support before, during and after 2 mushroom ceremonies, facilitated by a strongly experienced team, offered with respect and intention, opening a space for healing and insight, and to foster inspiration for our creative process and give space to self-expression.
– 7 days and 6 nights of accomodation on a secluded historic farmhouse in the mountains, with yurts or tent accomodation options, a rock pool and nearby river to swim in, mountain trails to explore and amazing sunset views !
– 2 abundant and delicious vegetarian buffet meals a day with loads of organic and homegrown veggies, cooked with love by our talented local chef.

1400 euros – Yurt accomodation
1100 euros – Camping accomodation

If you would like to register or to have more information about the programme or the team, please send us an email at coracaomedicina@protonmail.com, or get in touch by using our contact form here.

Autumn healing retreat: 14th-20th of October 2023

As fall begins to bring us within and the mushrooms start to flourish in the woods, we are headed to the Algarve to get some October sunshine, surrounded by the magic hills and mountains of Monchique. We are opening this retreat for those looking to experience the healing powers of mushrooms in a safe and loving container. This week long retreat has a maximum capacity of 12 people and a team of 5 experienced spaceholders to guide and care for you.

What is included ?

– 7 days of shared or private accommodation in a beautiful retreat center with a pool, outdoor yoga deck and beautiful ceremony dome.
– One microdose circle to introduce the medicine, weave in the group’s collective energy and prepare for the ceremony.
– 2x full dose introspective ceremonies led by experienced facilitators: one ceremony with a recorded playlist on day 3 and another with live music on day 5.
– One on one consultation before the ceremony to bring personalised therapeutic support and individualised dosage recommendations.
– Sharing circles and integration workshops after each ceremony to land the experience into our lives, with further individual support available when needed.
– Varied daily mindfulness activities (meditation, movement, breath and voicework…) help you ground and develop self awareness in preparation and integration for the mushroom work.
– Delicious, home-cooked vegan buffet meals served twice a day by our friend, chef and facilitator Ibi.
– Optional excursion to the Monchique old oak forest.
– Plenty of personal attention from our team of 5 experienced facilitators with diverse backgrounds and skills.
– Personalised guidance on preparation and integration via one on one consultations before and after the retreat and a group integration call, as well as a preparation and integration resource pack.
– A heartfelt sense of care and community which we strive to create with all our participants !

900 euros for shared accommodation
1200 euros for private accommodation

Do you want to join us ?
Get in touch with us for more detailed information, preparation support and to make a booking !
We take the time to have at least one preparation call with all of our retreat participants.

Send us an email at coracaomedicina@protonmail.com, or use our contact form here.

Private retreat/Tailor-made group retreat

We also offer private retreats and one on one sessions for those who wish to experience intentional, supported psilocybin mushroom journeys privately or with a small group ( a partner or a family member for example). If you wish to have a retreat specially organised for you or for a small group, you can read more about what we offer on the 1 on 1 session page of our website or get in touch here.

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