What to expect?

Coming on a retreat is a great way to experience psilocybin mushrooms under optimal conditions. Fully immersed in nature, away from the pressure and commitments of everyday life, and with fellow journeyers forming a diverse group, we put our best efforts to create a set and setting that is conducive to safe and healing mushroom journeys. We believe you have to be in a comfortable place on the outside so that you may explore what makes you uncomfortable on the inside, and so you will receive a lot of personal attention from our team before, during and after the retreat.

Intake & Preparation:
Before you book your retreat with us, we want to hear a little bit about you, where you are at and what you would like to get from the retreat. After you reach out to us by email, we will send you our intake form. This helps us to get to know you beforehand to understand your needs and to rule out any possible contraindication.
We will have at least one call with you to see how you are getting ready for the mushroom experience and to clear any doubts or concerns you may have, and remain available if you need extra support.
Before the retreat, you will receive a preparation pack with practical information about the retreat, the list of participants, and some tips on how to get ready for the journeys.

At the retreat:
We will do our best to make you feel welcome and supported, with our team available to attend to your needs and to listen to your thoughts and feelings before and after the journeys. The daily schedule allows for plenty of time for introspection and journaling, to connect with your fellow journeyers or simply to enjoy the natural landscape around the retreat center.

Experienced facilitators will watch over you during your journey

Sample retreat schedule:

Day 1:  

Arrival & Greetings
Welcome circle
Free evening
Day 2:  

Microdose circle
Nature excursion
Day 3:

Morning meditation
Mushroom ceremony
  Day 4:  

Sharing circle
Integration workshop
Day 5:

Morning Meditation
Mushroom ceremony
  Day 6:  

Integration workshop
Closing circle
Goodbyes ! 

Coming home & Integration:
The journey doesn’t end once you leave us, and it is important for us to make sure you can have a soft landing after your retreat experience. We will stay in touch, making sure you get home well, and will schedule at least one follow-up call to hear how you are doing and provide gentle guidance in integrating your experience. We remain available for additional calls and can refer you to psychedelic integration therapists.

Legal disclaimer: We do not offer psilocybin mushrooms during this retreat, we simply provide support during your experience if you decide to ingest your own psilocybin mushrooms.

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